The Greatest Crater in Europe – Lappajärvi

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We warmly welcome all geocachers around the world to join us in The Greatest Crater MEGA event in Lappajärvi!

Geocaching MEGA event will be organised on the weekend 5th of June to 7th of June 2020. Main event day being 6th of June 2020.

Mega’s event area is Kivitippu, in Lappajärvi surrounded by beautiful beaches and lawns. There are accommodation and restaurant services, as well as a sauna & pool department. There are also extensive golf courses just next door. On the ground floor of Kivitipu you can explore the stone- and meteorite exhibition you have never seen.

The event area offers spectacular views of Lappajärvi, Europe’s largest crater lake. It is a pure freshwater lake with a very high magnesium content, what makes that the water is soft and good for your skin. So the lake is a pure health product!

In the Mega area you can stay in a caravan, cottage, or hotel. There are also many other accommodation options nearby you can choose from. You can access these accommodation options from this link.

Are you coming, because this is a event you do not wanna miss.

See you in Lappajärvi next summer 2020.


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